SEA YOU BY THE SEA, im Rahmen der Ausstellung Posthuman Complicities

Ausstellungsansichten kunst-dokumentation.com
"Posthuman Complicities" kuratiert von Lisa Stuckey & Andrea Popelka,
xhibit art space, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, 2017

Sea You Bye The Sea (English)
Abyss and island. Dream and nightmare. Love and death. Eternal places. Eternal night. Prisons with a sea view. Below and above the sea level. The myth of the journey to the island of love ends in turning away from the world. At the bottom of the sea, where the blue gold has turned into black. Into a fiction. Into a projection. Everything here and there becomes endless. The reversal of the inverted world is a reversal. 

Teil 1
Monitor, Kopfhörer
HD und Found Footage, Sound
09:15 min,16:9, Loop

Teil 2
Bodenprojektion auf graue Holzplatte: Größe: 2,25x 1,50 m
14:08 min, 16:9, Loop 

video on vimeo Part I (Monitor) // Part II (Groundfloor)